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10 Outdoor Surfaces You Are Probably Forgetting to Clean

Maintaining your home is no easy task, especially when you include the exterior of your home. When you have a hundred different things on your mind, it’s easy to forget some of the tasks that are not on your daily list of chores.

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing in Asheville specializes in washing outdoor surfaces, and we know the significance of making sure your outdoor surfaces get cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Here are ten things outdoors you probably forget to clean.


10 Outdoor Surfaces to Clean

1) Outdoor Furniture 

If you have furniture on your porch, deck, or patio, it is going to get weathered. Eventually, these surfaces will develop a grimy build-up that can cause premature deterioration. 

Whether it’s wood, mesh, or plastic, most of it can be cleaned by a pressure washer.

2) Outdoor Furniture Cushions

In addition to your outdoor furniture, don’t forget you can also pressure wash the outdoor cushions! The cushions and pillows on those patio chairs from your deck can get nasty from being left outside or even as simple as people spilling things in your backyard cookout. 

Pressure washing these can restore the cushions to look brand new.

3) Concrete Sidewalks

Do you treat your sidewalks with salt or other snowmelt solutions? While that helps keep your family safer during winter weather, it can deteriorate your concrete over time. 

Pressure washing is key to preserving your concrete sidewalks.  

4) Driveways

Just like the sidewalk, snowmelt solutions can eat away at your concrete or asphalt driveway. Plus, grease, oil, tire rubber, antifreeze, and other fluid from your car will stain the surface of your driveway and potentially lead to it needing to be resurfaced sooner than you would expect. 

Pressure wash your concrete and asphalt surfaces so it lasts longer and you and your guests have a nice, clean place to park.

5) Wooden Fence

Do you have that white picket fence of your dreams? Unfortunately, it can get grimy if left unwashed for an extended period of time. You should keep your fence looking like the one you always wanted by giving pressure washing it. 

6) Bikes

Did you know you could pressure wash bikes? Whether it’s the bike your child is learning to ride on or the professional-grade mountain bike you use to shred the Asheville area singletrack, pressure washing them can help keep them clean and in good condition. However, it is important to use the right pressure when washing bikes, as too much can damage sensitive components. 

7) Outdoor Toys

Slides, swings, and other children’s play areas can start to look grimy even after one season in your yard.  You can clean outdoor playground equipment with a pressure washer! 

Whatever your children love using for their imagination in your backyard, keep them clean with the use of a pressure washer.

8) Garbage Cans

If your garbage can is dirty and grimy, placing it on your front lawn awaiting pickup can be embarrassing. It is not just the appearance, but the smell can overtake your property and draw unwanted attention from your neighbors. 

Your garbage can and recycling bin are not lost causes. You can pressure wash both the outside and the inside of the garbage cans to help with that smell and appearance.

9) Roofs

The roof of your home would be the hardest place to reach, but one of the most important to keep clean. Your roof can collect debris, leading to the development of leaks and the potential for mold

These issues can cause your roof to deteriorate, leading to expensive repairs. Replacing your roof is one thing, but the costs can really add up if the issues result in water damage inside your home as well.

10) Patios and Decks 

Hosting a get-together on a dirty patio isn’t appealing for your guests. Pressure washing your patio or deck helps eliminate the filthy build-up and will help preserve its lifespan. Additionally, it is a good step to take before re-staining the deck to give it a nice look.

These are just ten of the things many forget to clean on the outside of their home. Mobile Magic Pressure Washing is happy to help clean those services with our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and expert technicians. 

Call Mobile Magic Pressure Washing

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing is a professional team that takes care of all your exterior cleaning needs. Located in Asheville, Mobile Magic can restore the shine to your outdoor surfaces in western North Carolina. 

With decades of experience pressure washing and cleaning gutters, roofs, decks, patios, sidewalks, and more, you can trust your pressure washing project to us.

You should take great pride in how the exterior of your home looks. Mobile Magic does too! Contact us for all your pressure washing and exterior cleaning needs. You can visit our website to get an estimate and explore our other expert skills and services. 

We are available to answer any pressure washing-related questions and tell you more about how Mobile Magic Pressure Washing can help your family and home.