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April Showers and May Flowers Bring Need for Pressure Washing

Winter was bad enough for your sidewalks, patios, and house. It froze grit, dirt, twigs, leaves, and other detritus everywhere. It got ground in and some may have even started growing mold and mildew around it! April rain wasn't strong enough to wash it away, but it was enough to bring around mud and pollen season. Now everything's covered in dirt and pollen. It's time for power washing to make things clean again.


1. Clean Your Siding

Pressure washing is pretty fun. It's satisfying to see the dirt come away and remind you what color your house used to be. Siding, stucco, vinyl, and brick all need to be cleaned regularly. Anything organic can serve as an anchor for mold and mildew.

By aiming an intense stream of water at these surfaces through power washing, these anchors can be blasted away. Many people who think they need parts of their home's exterior redone only need a thorough power washing to make it look bright and clean again.

2. Care for Your Deck

Power washing can be used on wood – such as on a deck. It's great for returning that natural wood look to a deck that just looks dark. You know that gray-green look that decks get after a lot of use? That's not permanent. The wood doesn't look like that forever now. It's just dirt and muck that can be cleaned off with enough pressure.

You'll want to ensure pressure washing a deck is done professionally. Professional experience informs how much pressure is actually needed on a wooden deck and how much is too much. The right balance will clean your deck off very quickly and give it that natural look again, without causing any damage.

3. Return Furniture's Original Look

While you're at it, a lot of outdoor furniture can be power washed. This is much faster than scrubbing everything and having someone power wash for you means you can sit with a lemonade and appreciate them doing the hard work!

Power washing is appropriate for most furniture, outdoor carpets, and especially stone surfaces. It can blast away mud, grass stains, pollen, debris, stuck-on dirt, and grime. Best of all, it's doing this with water, which means it's not kicking allergens back into the air. It's simply washing them away in the current.

4. Your Front Walk and Driveway

People don't tend to give their walkways much thought, but just like a wooden deck, these surfaces don't typically look dark gray. They're actually light and have a brightness to them – they're just caked in dirt. Power washing your front walk and driveway can make your entire property appear brighter and better maintained.

For tiling and stone surfaces, power washing is a must. These are surfaces designed with a specific look, but they've lost definition under years of grime. Power washing these returns their lines and texture, immediately making your home look more vibrant.

5. What About Windows?

Power washers are too strong for windows, right? Not so. Remember that pressure washers in professional hands are a tool that can be adjusted for many different jobs. Using a bit less pressure and nozzles designed to spread the water, it's easy to have these windows cleaned – even second story ones – without having to use ladders or put yourself at the risk of a fall

6. Can Power Washing be Used on Cars?

All types of vehicles can be power washed. To avoid any risk of damage, rely on a professional power washing service. Cleaning the surfaces of your car with power washing will ensure everything gets off – even the most stuck-on dirt, sap, and pollen

Having the undercarriage power washed can help to preserve it longer. Winter road salt will be stuck under there for months afterward, threatening rust. Gravel and organic debris can cause problems as well, from damaging your car and interfering with its operation to fostering mold growth and causing bad smells.

Power washing cleans these elements out from your undercarriage, making your car less likely to get worn down or deteriorate.

Remember This

Power washing should be a normal part of every spring cleaning. It can return the exterior of your home to its original bright and clean look, make your deck look natural again, clean furniture, walkways, and even windows. Beyond this, you can even use it to prolong the life of your vehicle.

A professional service can get this all done quickly and inexpensively, so you can get other things done or so you can just admire how good your house looks once more. Contact Mobile Magic Pressure Washing for commercial-grade pressure washing services.