Can Pressure Washing My Home Get Rid of Spiders and Bugs?

Can Pressure Washing My Home Get Rid of Spiders and Bugs?

Depending on where you live, whether it’s summer time, winter, autumn, or spring, bugs, insects, and spiders will be inevitable for most houses. It seems that no matter what we do, bugs and spiders will always crawl back to our homes! 

Can pressure washing your house help to reduce the spiders and bugs? Let’s find out!

We know having someone pressure wash can be a bit of a chore for some people, and we totally get it. But it’s better to go ahead and make that appointment for your house to be pressure washed for a few reasons, including minimizing the number of bugs, insects, and spiders that might be on the outside of your home. Take a look at this blog to learn the truth about pressure washing and bugs.

What Should I Do To Get Rid of Spiders and Bugs On My House?

Pressure washing your home is necessary to keep the outside of your house clean, but it is also necessary to protect your home from any damage caused by insects, spiders, or bugs. The answer to this article is yes: pressure washing your home will drastically lower the number of insects crawling around in, on, and around your house! Take a look at how and why you should take care of this!

Why Are Insects, Bugs, and Spiders Bad for My House? 

Insects are bad for your home because their presence on your house can cause damage and dirt to build up on your house. This dirt and damage can attract even more than just insects and bugs. Insects and bugs on your house can lead to more spiders, since spiders eat mosquitos.  

What Kind of Bugs and Creatures Are Bad for My House?

There are a variety of different bugs and creatures that are not healthy for your house! Different materials used to build your home can mean different pests. Siding, for example, can attract a different variety of bugs than a brick house or a wooden house would. 

Termites, bees, beetles, ants, and even birds are all some of the most common creatures that can damage and mess up your home. But these are all creatures that you can keep off of your house when you take time to have your house pressure washed. 

Why Should I Care About Pressure Washing?

Aside from preventing bug infestations in your home and any damage they may cause, it’s also a great idea to keep bugs and dirt off of your house for curb appeal! Whether you’re selling your home and trying to attract potential buyers or trying to keep the HOA off your back, pressure washing is the way to go.

No one wants to see spiderwebs, dirt, bugs, or more, on a home unless it's Halloween. It’s best to stick to fake cobwebs and fog machines for special occasions like that. Take care of your home, keep it clean, and let the pressure washing transform your house! Take a look at this link  to see what you should ask us when looking to pressure wash your home.

Cleaning Schedule 

Creating a schedule for pressure washing your home is one of the most effective ways to keep bugs and spiders away from your home. Depending on the climate you live in, it might work best for you to have your home pressure washed annually or even biannually.

Having a cleaning schedule will help preserve the condition of your house by keeping the bugs away, looking clean, and also protecting your siding, brick, wood, or other materials on your house! When picking a time to pressure wash, we recommend you do this any time from late spring to early autumn so you can get your house ready for the cold temperatures in the winter.

Why You Should Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water to blast away any build-up of dirt, grime, or muck from surfaces like concrete, roofs, furniture, or decks. The water is pressurized anywhere from 750 to 30,000 psi, depending on the optimal amount for what is being washed.

Pressure washing is a much more efficient and safer way to take care of the cleanliness of the side of your house than other ways. Using poison to take care of bugs and spider problems can be damaging to not only your house, but also any friendly creatures, like your dogs or cats, if they come into contact with it. 

Additionally, pressure washing won’t just reduce bugs. It’ll make your house look brand new, and the cleaning solution will deter them for a while.

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