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Clean and Rejuvenate Your Fence, Don’t Replace It!

If you've been in your house for a while, you've probably noticed that your fence isn't the same color it once was. Fences that surround Asheville homes are constantly exposed to elements and need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. 

They require attention to ensure that their finish is not damaged by dirt and mold buildup. You may think that you must replace your entire fence, especially if it is moldy, but the wood may only need to be cleaned.

It’s important to schedule a fence cleaning service with Mobile Magic. We have the knowledge and expertise to properly pressure wash and maintain your outdoor surfaces without causing damage to the material.

How Often Do You Pressure Wash Your Fence?

Annual fence maintenance contributes to the longevity of any fencing material. You should have your fence professionally power washed at least every two years for standard maintenance. However, depending on the circumstances, such as weather, amount of shade, or if you plan to paint your fence, you may require power washing more frequently.

Different Types of Fencing

Most homeowners have wooden fences that surround their property. However, not all wooden fences are the same. 

Softwoods such as cedar and pine may require a pressure washer and lower PSI because it can damage the wood if the pressure is too high, whereas hardwoods such as oak and redwood can withstand high PSI from a pressure washer. Vinyl fences are non-porous and can withstand the force of a pressure washer.

Metallic fences, such as chain-link, are strong enough to withstand the PSI of a pressure washer. These fences are primarily used for commercial purposes and are typically strong and simple to clean. The only issue with a metallic fence would be rust, which would be relatively easy to remove with the right cleaning solution.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Fence?

There are numerous reasons why you should hire a professional pressure washing service. Fences are frequently overlooked when it comes to home maintenance.  

A deteriorating fence can detract from the curb appeal of your home and cost you time and money to repair. Our fence cleaning services ensure that you get the most out of your fence, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

1. Increase Curb Appeal

Homes with deteriorating fences are unappealing to neighbors and potential buyers. Even if the exterior of your home is clean, a neglected fence can detract from your property and landscaping. 

If you keep your fence in good condition, it can be an asset to your home and increase its property value. Fence cleaning from a reputable pressure washing company is a great option if your fence is still in good condition, primarily because a complete fence replacement would be less cost-effective.

2. Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

We recommend fence cleaning because it keeps your fence in good condition and extends its longevity and durability. Layers of mildew and dirt on your fence deteriorate over time, so hiring a pressure washing company to clean it is recommended if you plan to re-stain or paint it.

3. Improve the Longevity of Your Fence

After being exposed to consistent weather and other elements, your fence may deteriorate and wear away. Mold and mildew can weaken the surface of your fence if left on it for an extended period of time, depending on the type of fence you have. Mobile Magic can make your fence last longer and look better for many years.

4. Maintain Your Fence’s Color

Pressure washing your fence not only removes dirt and debris from the wood grain but also opens up the grain and allows it to breathe. This procedure restores the original color of the wood grain, making it appear much more like it did when the fence was first installed. 

This is the color you want to stain your fence against. Pressure washing your fence also allows the stain to be properly absorbed by the wood grain, ensuring that your restoration job lasts longer and does not fail prematurely.

5. Save Money

A new fence is expensive, but restoring an old fence can be much less expensive, even if you hire professionals to do it for you. However, if the value of your property is increasing, you don't want to reduce your investment return by investing in large projects. 

Hiring a pressure washer to do some of the heavy lifting and then completing the restoration yourself can save you time and money. It's a win-win situation!

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing Service 

Hiring professionals to handle your fence installation can be extremely beneficial. Mobile Magic has the right products and tools to clean your fence properly and without causing any long-term damage. If you believe that professional fence cleaning services would benefit the exterior of your Asheville home, contact us for excellent service and a cost-effective cleaning solution.