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The heat is on in Asheville. Though our elevation takes some of the edge off of the extreme temperatures others in our state experience, high temperatures can still soar into the 90's several times each summer. Summer can be tough on your home. Whether it's the heat and humidity or surprise summer storms, your home is susceptible to the elements in western North Carolina.

The best defense against mother nature is proper and effective maintenance. In this article, we are discussing eight mid-summer maintenance tips to help protect your home and improve its efficiency:


1) HVAC Maintenance 

Your air conditioning system is the most significant energy user in your home. That means, if it is not properly maintained, your energy bills could sour. Furthermore, if other parts of your home are causing your HVAC to work harder, you could also be spending more on energy than you should. Air conditioning maintenance includes:

  • Checking for leaking refrigerant
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Repairing or replacing fan
  • Clearing storm debris
  • Ensuring at least two feet of clearance around unit

If your air conditioner has been properly serviced, your energy woes may be due so something else heating up your home.

2) Replace Old Windows 

Old and worn windows can release as much as 25% of your homes heating and cooling energy, causing your HVAC to work harder and use more electricity. If your windows are old and worn, have them replaced with new energy-efficient units. If your windows are foggy inside the panes, they likely need to be replaced. However, film on the outside can be pressure washed. Whether your old windows need cleaning, or you want to maintain to shine of your new ones, contact Mobile Magic Pressure Washing in Asheville.

3) Clean Your Gutters

Summer storms are a part of life in Asheville. Wind can blow sticks and leaves into your gutters, causing them to become clogged and ineffective, ultimately leading to water damage and drainage issues. Have your gutters cleaned this summer before autumn fills them with even more debris from fallen leaves.

4) Roof and Awning Pressure Washing 

Have your roofing and awnings pressure washed, especially if you have recently cleaned the gutters and discovered some dirt and film from poorly draining water.

5) Deck and Patio Cleaning 

Rain, wind, and sun work together to make your deck and patio look dingy and dirty. Summer is the perfect time to have your deck or patio pressure washed. Contact Mobile Magic Pressure Washing to have your deck cleaned and get back to enjoying the outdoors.

6) Pressure Wash Outdoor Furniture 

Like your deck, your patio furniture will collect unsightly dirt and debris over time. Before you rush to the store to buy new furniture or just surrender your outdoor space to Mother Nature, have them pressure washed by professionals.

7) Pay Attention to Plumbing 

When everyone is home from school, your plumbing is often getting a workout. Whether its frequent showers due to the heat and humidity, washing two to three changes of clothes per person, or more kids around using the restroom, if you have plumbing issues, they will be exasperated during the summer months. To avoid issues, pay attention to these plumbing pitfalls:

  • Leaking toilets and faucets
  • Leaking tubs and showers
  • Leaking or malfunctioning appliances
  • Improper water heater function
  • Drainage issues inside and outside
  • Sump Pump failure
  • Well pump issues

8) Clean Your Siding

If your home's siding has lost its shine due to dirt and debris, the summer sun will make it even more visible. Have your siding pressure washed to preserve its life and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. If your surfaces are ready for a thorough cleaning from commercial-grade pressure washing equipment, call the experts at Mobile Magic Pressure Washing.