Four Tips for Preparing Your Home and Property for Hurricane Irma

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As Hurricane Irma continues to impact the Caribbean, Asheville residents are preparing for what tropical weather she might have in store. Likely to make landfall in southern Florida as a category 4 storm, Irma will track north, putting the Asheville area in the dangerous northeastern quadrant of the storm.


Though it will be downgraded to a tropical storm or depression by Monday evening, homeowners should still prepare for gusty winds, heavy rains, and the potential for flooding and landslides. In this post, we will discuss four tips for preparing your home and property for tropical storms and hurricane impacts in western North Carolina:

1) Make Sure Your Family is Weather-Aware

Though we are not on the coast, hurricanes and tropical storms still interact powerfully with the varying terrain of western North Carolina. Remaining vigilant and weather-aware is key to protecting your home and family. Key steps for knowing what to expect include:

  1. Pay Attention to Local Meteorologists: Jason Boyer in Asheville, Brad Panovich in Charlotte, and Christ Justus in Greenville are excellent meteorologist. Pay close attention to them on television and social media throughout the event.
  2. Know the Track of the Storm: We will not know for sure where the center of the storm will make landfall and track once is reaches the U.S. The intensity of our weather will be greatly impacted by the exact track, so make sure you are aware of last-minute changes in direction.
  3. Battery-Powered Radio: Make sure you have a battery-powered AM/FM radio in case you lose electricity for several hours.
  4. NOAA Weather Radio: A NOAA radio will alert you and your family of warnings and watches issued by the National Weather Service.
  5. Check Conditions Frequently: During tropical weather events, conditions will fluctuate in intensity. If you must travel, make sure you are aware of what weather to expect while you are out. Flash flooding can happen quickly.

2) Clean Your Gutters and Roof

If there is dirt and debris in your gutters and on your roof, it will impact how well water drains from the top of your house. If it does not drain properly, rainwater can cause damage. Make sure your gutters are clean and free before the heavy rain begins.

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3) Tie Down Loose Lawn Furniture and Decorations

Even if Irma is downgraded to a tropical depression, wind gusts will likely exceed 40 mph over an extended period of time. Winds will be even higher in elevations about 3,000 feet. Make sure you tie down or bring inside any loose lawn furniture and decorations. Besides being blown away, outside objects can be blown into structures and cause damage to your property or your neighbor’s home.

4) Beware of Flash Flooding

Rainfall can fall fast and furiously during tropical systems. Conditions can change rapidly, with creeks, streams, and even rivers overflowing their banks quickly. Make sure you are aware of rising waters around your home, or on the road. Do not drive through floodwaters, but make sure you are prepared to evacuate if necessary.

If you park in an area that tends to flood, consider leaving your vehicle in a different area Monday and Tuesday. If your drive crosses a creek or stream, be prepared to leave before the waters rise above it.

At Mobile Magic Pressure Washing, we want everyone to be safe and dry. After the storm, dirt and debris may cause a mess on your siding, roof, driveway, or deck. Our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment is more than capable of handling cleaning dirt surfaces left behind by Irma. Contact us for your power and pressure washing needs.