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Hate Home Window Washing? There Is a Better Way!

When homebuyers are looking at properties, a common statement is, “Wow, look at all those windows! This natural light is amazing.”  Definitely a big selling point! And when homeowners gaze out at the scenery, at their backyard gardens, at their children playing on the lawn, at the sunrise or sunset, they thank themselves for making such a wise decision.

But when it comes time to wash those gorgeous windows… well, they may not be thanking themselves any longer. Now they have to keep those windows clean and clear! It can be a big job. Luckily, there is a solution that can easily tackle the challenge: pressure washing.


A Clear View

Clean windows offer a variety of benefits:

  • Providing natural light. Ever feel gloomy and sad on dark days? There’s a reason for that. Sunlight contains mood-boosting vitamin D. Research also shows that exposure to natural light increases productivity (great if you work from home or want to take on a few projects after work!), happiness, and health.
  • Making small spaces seem bigger. Light makes your smaller rooms look and feel larger. They appear more open - and more fresh. During the hot months, it does make sense to draw the shades to protect against direct sun, but otherwise, let the light in and make the most of spaces that once felt cramped!
  • Boosting curb appeal. As mentioned, homebuyers are looking at the windows! This is one of the most simple improvements you can make, and it delivers the best return on investment. If you plan to sell, clean windows are a must.
  • Enjoying a longer life. When you don’t clean your windows regularly, you run the risk of issues more serious than a streaky view. Glass is a porous surface: over time it absorbs dirt, grit, grime, sand, salt, and water. This can result in etching (scratch-like mars and flaws), which can eventually weaken the glass and lead to shattering.

Repairing or replacing windows is a major expense. When you clean your windows, you can avoid this and ensure they can function optimally for much longer.

  • Enjoying the view. Whether you are looking out over the beautiful North Carolina mountains or at your children playing on the swingset, a clear view is essential. Why miss out on the best aspects of your location?

Cleaning - Or Damaging?

When you look out the window, you want to look out the window. You don’t want to look at the grime, grit, smudges, and streaks on the surface. Closing the blinds or curtains may work in the short term, but you know what you need to do: clean.

Get out the window cleaner and paper towels or squeegee. Get out the ladders and the buckets.

Sound like a fun way to spend your free time?

It may not even be that effective. Spraying some generic cleaner on the windows and going to work with a paper towel can actually damage your surfaces. Dirt particles cling to the towel, making it more like sandpaper. You can scratch your window without realizing it, leading to more problems down the road.

That’s assuming you can even reach the windows you need to clean. Climbing a ladder to the second or third floor of your home can be a daunting challenge. And if you have a lot of windows, that’s a lot of climbing - and a lot of time.

Forget the Hassle

Mobile Magic’s professional power washing services will eliminate all these worries. Don’t worry about damaging your windows. Don’t worry about reaching high windows. Don’t worry about achieving a clean that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits you want. Don’t worry about wasting your weekend!

Utilizing professional pressure washing techniques and cleaning agents, our team will have your windows sparkling in no time. And you can sit back and relax - or tackle another project with all this time you have freed up!