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Important Tips for Reducing Spring Allergies

Get a good cleaning regimen going early and it's easy to maintain all summer. It's not that hard to do. It just means practicing a number of good habits to reduce allergens. Are there ways to reduce allergens outside as well? There are a few that can make a big difference.


Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergens

Dust the Right Way

Many people hate dusting. They're trying to reduce their allergies, but dusting can kick dust back up into their faces. Yet dusting is crucial – dust mites are the largest trigger of indoor asthma and allergies. The best way to dust is with a damp cloth – this gets the dust and dust mites stuck. You might also wear a dust mask. Air can get through, but dust can't.

It's also a smart idea to use green products where possible. This is because asthma and allergies can be made worse by chemical cleaning agents. Where a greener product will do the job, it will irritate and trigger your symptoms less.

Vacuuming Makes a Big Difference

Carpets and furniture have a habit of holding onto dust. This means a vacuum with a rotating brush roll should be used. The stronger the vacuum, the more of the dust it kicks up will be sucked up. Yet if a vacuum doesn't have the right filter, it can shoot a lot of that dust right back into the air. Look for vacuums with a HEPA filter. This filters extremely small and is actually a measurement relied upon for effective air filtration. It means that dust can't escape back out into the air.

Spring Into Laundry

Have a big pile of clothes? They're an ideal place for dust mites. Remember that skin flakes and hair also break down into dust. This is why it's a good idea to do your laundry regularly. Follow the temperature directions on your clothes.

Make sure you wash your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases as well. Unless you have really unique bedding, all this can be washed and dried on hot. That will do a lot to kill dust mites. Hypoallergenic bedding may also be a good investment if your allergies act up in your bedroom, and around the times you go to sleep and wake up.

Get Your Pets Clean!

Spring weather brings with it an opportunity to get your pets clean. If they're shedding their winter coats in the home, that triggers allergies. Gently brush their excess fur and dander out. Give your dogs a wash and shampoo, too. Make sure to test the water like you would for yourself, first – they want it at a comfortable temperature just as much as you do.

Wash any pet beds that you can as well. Some (but not all) have removable covers you can throw in the laundry.

Wash the Outside of Your House

Winter brings a lot of muck and mire. It sticks to your house and driveway. Spring can bring more mess – including pollen. Where organic material sticks – whether dead leaves or pollen – mold and mildew can start to grow. This can make the surface of your house an allergen factory. It's a good idea to get your home power washed at least every spring. The cleaner the exterior of your home is, the less will stick to it.

Clean Your Car

The same holds true for your car. Get it a good power wash in order to clean off the winter grime that allergens like pollen will stick to.

It's also a good idea to clean the interior of your car. The cleaner the inside is, the less dust there will be to trigger your allergies. Check if your air filter needs a change, too. This can get debris stuck in it, which will tear it and make it ineffective. It can also wear down over time. The air inside your car can only be as clean as your air filter is. It's an inexpensive part to replace, and it can make a big difference in your commute.

Use a Dehumidifier

A closed basement or bathroom without proper ventilation can get extremely humid. This invites mold and mildew to grow. In any closed, humid area of the house, run a dehumidifier. You'll have to run it fairly constantly, but the increased energy costs are still less expensive than allowing a mold problem to spread in your home. That's before even getting to the impact on your health a mold or mildew problem can have.

Air Purifiers Can Be Worth It

Air purifiers can make a big difference in your home. Make sure that they have at least a HEPA or better filter. Any less simply won't make enough difference. Air purifiers with an ENERGY STAR rating will cost less to run. Take special note of the square footage a purifier is built to handle. If you're trying to air purify an entire house with a purifier that's only meant to handle an office-sized room, it probably won't be effective. Look for whole-home air purifiers, or use the smaller ones in particular rooms where you spend the most time.

Under Pressure! Pressure Wash Your Exterior Surfaces

You’re not the only one who enjoys hanging out in the yard and on the deck. Pollen and other allergen invite themselves over as well. A good pressure washing can remove allergy-triggering substances from outdoor surfaces (including patio future, outside play structures, vehicles, lawn equipment, etc.) so you can breathe easier.

Give Mobile Magic a call: it’s one chore on your spring cleaning list that you can cross off quickly and easily!