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Include Pressure Washing in Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your home. Your outdoor space needs just as much attention when it comes to cleaning. Some tough cleaning jobs need a little backup that requires the power of a pressure washer to blast those stubborn stains on your home’s exterior, driveway, and fence. Read on to see why you should include pressure washing in your spring cleaning routine and featured outdoor cleaning tasks. 


Why You Should Include Pressure Washing in Your Spring Cleaning Routine

1. Say Goodbye to Allergies

The arrival of spring brings not only warm weather but also allergies. Spring air is full of pollen, dandelions, and other allergens that can cause stuffy noses and itchy throats and eyes. The culprit to those allergies sticks to your outdoor surfaces. Professional pressure washing blasts mold, algae, and allergens stuck on your home’s exterior, driveway, patio, and deck, helping you breathe easier during the spring. When spring comes around, don’t settle for staying inside to avoid allergies, but include pressure washing into your cleaning routine so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

2. Save Your Time & Energy

Spring cleaning offers a fresh, new start to your home. You can declutter, get to those cleaning jobs you have been procrastinating, and get started decorating your outdoor space. The amount of work to give your home a cleaning makeover can be overwhelming, especially cleaning those stubborn stains on your outdoor surfaces. If you want your home’s exterior to look its best, hire a professional to clean the outside of your home to save you valuable time and hard labor. You can enjoy your home’s new transformation without having to strain your back. 

3. Save Money

Hiring a professional pressure washing service seems to be the opposite of saving money. Well, actually, you will be saving money in the long run. Investing in a commercial-grade pressure washer costs thousands, with extra fees like maintenance and buying chemical cleaning solutions. For some homeowners, it may be worth spending the money; however, many people who own pressure washers only use it once or twice a year. Hiring a professional pressure washing company offers a fee covering labor, equipment, and cleaning supplies that will efficiently clean your home. Regular maintenance like professional pressure washing adds value to your property. Pressure washing a house before putting it on the market can drastically increase its value and make your surfaces look new.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning To Include in Your Routine

1. Clean Your Rain Gutters

Spring is a mixed season of rain and sunshine. Before spring showers come, you want to clear your rain gutter and ready them to handle the runoff. Winter storms are notorious for knocking leaves, branches, and debris into rain gutters. Put on some gloves, and scale a ladder, and scrape out as much debris as you can, and then pressure wash away the rest. Clear any clogs from the downspouts and make sure they direct water away from the foundation.

2. Pressure Wash Your Fence

Many homeowners have a wooden fence; however, over time, weather conditions can dull a wood fence’s appearance and leave it looking an eyesore for both you and your neighbors. If your fence looks washed out and old or has slimy stains, you should pressure wash your fence. Pressure washing is the most efficient way to revitalize your fence and remove all the dirt from the surfaces. Even though pressure washers are the easiest way to clean wood, in untrained hands, the force can be damaging to the fence and dangerous to the user. 

3. Wash Windows

You can hire a service to clean the outside of your windows, or you can tackle the project yourself. Set up a ladder, assemble a hose with a sprayer attachment, squeegee, a few rags, and the cleaning solution of your choice. Spray the windows and apply the cleaning solution. Use the squeegee to scrub off the dirt and spray with water until you are satisfied with your windows. If your home is two-story or higher, avoid the risk for potential injuries and hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done.

4. Exterior Walls

After the winter season, your home’s exterior will be stained with mud, dark spots, mold, and algae. Schedule an afternoon to pressure wash or use a hose with a jet attachment to make quick work on stubborn stains and grime. Pressure washing is powerful and sometimes can damage your siding, vinyl panels, and delicate details on your home. If you are uncomfortable operating a pressure washer or want to save time and energy, hire a professional pressure washing service to do the job for you.

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing Asheville NC

Include pressure washing into your spring cleaning routine to protect the value of your home and look its best. You can prevent harmful pollutants from building up on the exterior of your home by hiring Mobile Magic to handle all of your outdoor cleaning needs. Given all of the benefits that pressure washing offers at a low cost, we are the obvious choice to make. Contact us for information about our services.