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Pressure Washing During Winter

Pressure washing during the winter? Are you crazy! Yes, you are crazy about keeping your home, business, and property clean, safe, and sanitary! Yes, you can pressure wash during the colder months… and there are many reasons why you should. If you have some projects on your to-do list, now might be just the right time to get them done. 


How Can Pressure Washing Help You Conquer Your Chores During Winter?

We think of pressure washing our siding, deck, driveway, or car during the warm, sunny spring and summer when the weather is warm and the days are long. But when chilly temps hit, there’s no need to delay cleaning tasks.

In the relatively temperate North Carolina region, it is not too cold to pressure wash - but you do need to be careful and take all necessary precautions to ensure that you achieve the results you want and keep surfaces and equipment safe. And you! We definitely want you to be safe when you’re out in the elements!

Also worth consideration: as those of us in the mountain regions know, it does get cold and snowy and icy on occasion. So what do we need to know before we head out to improve our exteriors?

When pressure washing during the winter, you need to take care to guard against some common dangers, including:

  • Freezing water. Once it dips below 32℉, all bets are off. This is the temperature at which water freezes, and you need to be careful about your pressure washing pumps and other equipment and surfaces.
  • Chemicals. Oftentimes, the chemicals used to clean are sensitive to temperature. In other words, they are just fine in the spring, summer, and fall… but as we all know, winter is a different beast.

Pressure washing professionals understand the ins and outs when it comes to equipment, techniques, cleaning solutions, and more. Our best advice: call on the best. Even if you pressure wash your siding, fencing, vehicle, deck, outdoor furniture, etc., during the warm months, do not assume that it is the same during winter. There are many factors that complicate the process - and we do not want you to put your equipment or property at risk. More than that, we don’t want you to put you and your safety at risk! 

When pressure washing during the winter, it is important to:

  • Protect yourself. Remember, layers are your friend. If you dress too warmly and cannot shed layers, you’ll sweat. Sweat is, by nature, designed to cool you down. So you’ll end up a cold, shivery mess by the end of your project. In colder temperatures, you could even risk hypothermia. Layers, layers, layers!
  • Protect your equipment. As mentioned, cleaning chemicals tend to be less effective in the winter due to the temperatures. You may have to use powdered chemicals with hot water or using extra chemicals (and taking longer to finish the job). Everything needs to be stored in a warm, dry area (e.g. heated garage, mudroom, etc.).

It is also essential that you protect your pressure washer in between uses. For example, water expands in the cold and turns to ice when below the freezing point. This can do a number on your pressure washer. Store your machine inside and add antifreeze to the tank.

  • Pick the best times. Work during the warmest parts of the day. You want to hit times when you’re operating in direct sunlight (this helps your equipment stay warm). Avoid operating during inclement weather! (As if a snowstorm would be your first choice to pressure wash the siding! But we needed to say it.)

During the winter, you can complete a number of tasks that require pressure washing, including:

  • Removing road salt from your vehicle, trailer, or other equipment.
  • Cleaning your wood fencing, decking, and other surfaces.
  • Clearing the grit and grime from your walkways, driveway, and patio pavers.
  • Scrubbing your siding clean so it looks its best.
  • Cleaning equipment, such as lawnmowers, that you didn’t get to in the fall! (No time like the present to get caught up.)

Why Go Pro?

Why call in a professional pressure washing team? Convenience. Ease. Savings. Time. The list goes on and on. When you contact Mobile Magic, you don’t have to worry about getting your pressure washer out of storage and gearing it up for winter use. You don’t have to worry about which chemicals to use - and how much - to accommodate cold conditions. You don’t have to worry about damaging your surfaces, freezing water, or damage from salt, dirt, grit, and grime.

When you contact Mobile Magic, all you have to think about is what to do with all the time you just saved yourself. Work towards your New Year’s resolutions? Spend time with your friends and family? Catch up on your Netflix queue? Do it all! Set up your appointment today.