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Six Quick Tips for Homeowners During a Cold Winter

Winter has just begun and we have already experienced significant snowfall even in the lowest elevations of western North Carolina. Many area residents welcomed a white Christmas for the first time in ages. They were excited to get out and play in the snow with their families, or simply watch from the warm indoors as the flakes fell swiftly throughout Christmas day. Typically, it’s only the high elevations around the Tennessee border that have a good shot at something so remarkable.

Asheville itself sees about a foot of snowfall every winter. We also expect several rounds of sleep and freezing rain. Generally, we are relatively mild for a high elevation city. For homeowners, the threat of snow, ice, and plain old cold rain all winter long represents the potential for damage to a home. There is no seasonal break from the potential for harsh weather. If you want your home to survive the winter, here are six quick tips.


6 Tips for Homes To Survive Winter in Western North Carolina 

1) Have your roof cleaned.

Everyone loves fall. People often argue it is the best season of the year, and millions of tourists visit western North Carolina for the changing leaves and spectacular colors. However, as fall fades to winter, those leaves along with limbs and storm debris can get trapped on your roof. This can lead to a number of potential problems including:

  • The debris on your roof can trap even more debris, which can be heavy on your roofing material.
  • Heavy debris will eventually lead to weight spots and holes in your roofing.
  • Holes in your roof will leak where it rains and snows, creating water damage and the possibility for mold development.
  • Leaks can get washed into your gutters, clogging them and creating drainage issues.
  • Wet debris can freeze, especially during extended cold snaps. This will make the debris even heavier and more likely to cause damage.

Before winter takes hold, have your roof cleaned professionally by a quality pressure washing company.

2) Have your exterior windows cleaned.

The exterior part of your windows probably receives some of the least amount of cleaning attention of any part of your home. Over time rain and weather will leave behind a film that will dull the light coming into your home. You can give your heating system a much-needed break by having the outside of your windows clean save more sun and light and come into your home and warm it.

3) Have your deck and outdoor furniture pressure washed.

Although you were probably not using your deck and outdoor furniture much during the cold season, it is the perfect time to have their surfaces pressure washed. Over time, any outdoor surface will get dirty and grimy, so while you were not actively using your outdoor living spaces, it is the perfect season to have their surfaces pressure washed. 

4) Have your solar panels cleaned.

If you have solar panels that need the sun's rays to collect energy, you know how important it is to keep their surfaces cleaned. During winter, when the days are shorter and the sun’s angle is lower, you need all the help you can get. You do not want to trust your solar panel cleaning to just anyone, however, so give us a call for professional solar panel washing.

5) Do not neglect your concrete and asphalt.

Winter is a season where we are often treating our concrete surfaces with salt to prevent water from freezing. As the months wear on, you could be laying down quite a bit of salt on your driveway and sidewalks. Make sure you have the surfaces pressure washed, at the very least, by the end of winter to avoid potentially damaging your concrete.

6) Pressure wash your home’s siding.

Your home’s siding is subject to all of the weather western North Carolina will throw at your house. If your home has endured significant weather events, it can speed up the process of damaging and deteriorating siding, If there is was a period of time where drainage from your gutters was reduced, or if there was a lot of snow and ice during the winter, your siding may appear dirty and dingy. If you want your home to survive many winters in Asheville, make sure to have your siding regularly pressure washed.

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing is a full-service pressure washing company serving homes and properties throughout the Asheville area. If you are ready to have your home’s surfaces cleaned by an expert team, contact Mobile Magic today.