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The Importance of Pressure Washing After a Winter Storm

Winter storms can make a mess of your equipment and vehicles. Road salt will corrode and rust machinery. Ice and snow can damage a number of systems. On top of this, your vehicles look messy and unprofessional. Professional power washing for vehicles after a winter storm can do a great deal to extend the life of your vehicle and improve the perception of your business.

Let's tackle this last idea first:


Presentation Matters

If you rent a billboard and part of it gets covered up or looks messy and unprofessional, you'd demand a refund. You'd demand it get cleaned up immediately. You didn't get what you paid for, which was the expectation of a certain level of presentation.

Yet you already own billboards that drive throughout your area every day. This is your fleet of vehicles. If the name on the side didn't matter, you wouldn't have put it there in the first place. So when it's spattered by mud and encrusted with road salt and looks like a mess, you should do something about it.

You pay for those vehicles, you pay for those designs to be on the side of them, so why on earth would you ever be satisfied if they look… well... disgusting? That appearance is what's being translated about your business every time someone sees one of your vehicles on the road. Make sure it communicates the right message.

In the summer, it makes perfect sense to give them a quick wash, but this isn't a realistic option in the winter. You'd freeze, which is where power washing comes in. It's more thorough — and it does something that regular washing can't:

Extending Vehicle Life

You need to get rid of the road salt on your vehicles. Road salt is both a blessing and a curse. It's crucial for melting ice and making roads drivable. Without it, you wouldn't be able to get from Point A to Point B. Your business would shut down after a bad storm, and that's simply not acceptable.

Yet the road salt also gets stuck everywhere. It's corrosive and damaging – it has to be to keep the roads safe. The same qualities that help you avoid danger on the go can also be a big source of damage in the long run.

Think about it this way. When you walk into a building with nice floors and you know you've got some road salt stuck in your boot, you're going to give that boot a couple extra rough swipes on the entry mat before you step inside.

You know to do that to preserve nice, durable floors that are designed to last for decades. What do you think road salt does to complex machinery that may need replacement within a few years? When allowed to sit, road salt causes early rust and corrosion that damage vehicles and cause expensive replacement on parts.

Now when you normally wash a car, you're not harnessing enough power or getting into all the nooks and crannies where road salt lurks. Professional power washing for vehicles allows you to clean the entire car, undercarriage included. You’ll effectively clear off road salt, sand, dirt, grit, gravel, ice, snow – basically, everything that's not supposed to be there.

Winter Power Washing

Winter power washing involves a lot more than just aiming and spraying. An expert hand can save a lot of frustration. The best part is that you don't have to go outside and get wet and cold yourself!

Beyond this, there are a number of factors to consider. For instance, power washing also involves making sure the area that's washed doesn't ice up. As wash water comes off your vehicles, we make sure the surrounding area doesn't freeze it up. Power washing should always be followed with de-icing the area where the wash water spills.

Soaps and detergents can be mixed in for extra cleanliness, and waxes can be used to protect your vehicle better in the long-term. Salt guards are very important and can be used to help protect undercarriages from salt corrosion in the future.

Expert power washing also ensures you aren't risking your own or rented power washing equipment in the cold. It's very easy to damage equipment when the temperature dips. Hiring someone else with their own equipment is inexpensive and dodges this risk.

Expert power washing understands the conditions of that day and the specific needs different vehicles have. Some undercarriages might require different nozzles to cut ice out safely or to blast away bits of damaging grit. Some vehicles are better to run as you wash them, other vehicles you want to leave off. Different cleaning products act differently in different temperatures.

It all depends on a number of factors. These are only a few, and this is why professional power washing for vehicles gets it done easily, efficiently, and stress-free. Contact Mobile Magic for the highest quality professional pressure washing services in Asheville.