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Tropical Storm Clean-Up and Pressure Washing

Summer is in full swing in western North Carolina. That means different things for different people. For some, it is the season of pool visits, beach trips, and watersports. For others, it is the opportunity for families to explore the almost unlimited amount of hiking and mountain biking trails throughout the region. Still, others find summer is the season of shuttling kids to sports camps and other activities. Generally speaking, our weather is perfect for whatever activity you choose. Here in the French Broad River Valley, it is a little cooler than the foothills and piedmont and foothills; however, the mercury could be 10 to 20-degrees lower on some high elevation hikes. While summer storms can pop up at almost any time, most days are full of sun. 

There are some weather dangers lurking far away from Buncombe County. Forming in the tropics and off the coast of Africa, tropical storms and hurricanes seem to be the least of our worries. While we are too far inland to receive the brunt of most storms, tropical systems can pack a punch even here in the mountains. In fact, our diverse terrain can actually enhance the effects of weakening storms, dropping torrential rain, and accelerating wind gusts. 

Your home and property are susceptible to damage from tropical storms. Furthermore, the mess they leave behind can cause long-term problems. Here is what you need to know about tropical storm clean-up in western North Carolina. 


Tropical Systems Do Impact Our Area

Already this summer, the remnants of tropical storm Claudette passed right through our area, causing some minor flooding and other problems. Other storms that have impacted our area include (but are not limited to):

  • Hurricane Zeta (October 2020): Making landfall in Louisiana as a category 2 hurricane, this storm brought hurricane-force gusts and heavy rain to our area. 
  • Hurricane Michael (October 2018): A record-breaking category 5 hurricane when it made landfall in the Florida panhandle, Michael brought significant winds and flash flooding to our area. 
  • Hurricane Nate (October 2017): While this storm made landfall in Mississippi as a strong category 1, it still brought heavy rain and damaging winds as it tracked near the mountains. 
  • Hurricanes Frances (September 2004): Frances made two landfalls in Florida as a category 2 storm. It proceeded to move to the mountains, where it dropped as much as 23 inches of rain. 
  • Hurricane Ivan (September 2004): Ivan made landfall as a major hurricane near the Alabama/Florida border. Just nine days after Frances, it arrived in western North Carolina, dropping enough rain to cause several rivers to breach their banks. 

This is not an exhaustive list of tropical systems that have impacted our area. It is enough, however, to prove it is important to be prepared during hurricane season

What Kind of Impact Can You Expect?

If the remnants of a hurricane or tropical storm move through the area, here are some of the most common impacts:

  • Gusty wind will likely knock down small and large tree limbs. 
  • Winds could be strong enough to blow down some trees, especially as the ground becomes saturated. 
  • Heavy rain will cause flooding in your yard. It may also cause local creeks and rivers to breach their banks. 
  • Many homeowners lose their driveway bridges to fast-flowing water. 
  • Landslides and erosion are common during torrential tropical rains. 

Limbs and leaves will pile up on your roof, driveway, sidewalks, and decks. If your gutters are clogged, rain runoff will not be properly channeled from your yard, causing dirt and grime to wash up on your sidewalks and patio. 

Why Pressure Washing Should Be Part of Your Storm Clean-Up

Typically, tropical systems have lost enough of their strength to cause only minor inconveniences for residents of western North Carolina. Homeowners only need to set aside a few hours for clean-up. However, we recommend adding one step to the process – professional pressure washing:

  • Wet leaves and limbs will leave behind stains on your deck, porch, and any concrete. 
  • Limbs will trap wet, fallen leaves on your roof. Those leaves will leave behind stains and can become heavy enough to punch holes in your shingles. 
  • Excess moisture will lead to the development of mold, mildew, and algae development on your siding, deck, and outdoor furniture. 
  • Dirt and grime from flooding and drainage issues will push dirt out onto your driveway and sidewalk. 
  • Wind-driven rain will leave behind water spots, as well as mildew, mold, etc., on your windows. 

After our area has been impacted by strong storms or tropical systems, you need all the help you can get to clean up your property. If heavy rains and strong winds have left behind dirt, grime, stains, mold, and mildew, you will benefit from bringing in a team of pressure washing professionals. 

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing has been in the area for a long time. We have seen our share of storms. Contact Mobile Magic to schedule your pressure washing today