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Allergies are as much of a problem during the fall as the spring and summer for many Asheville area residents. Running noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, and scratchy throats plague allergy suffers, though they are often mistaken for the common cold.


Molds generating from wet weather and fallen leaves, pollen from ragweed, dust from dry weather are not easy to prevent; however, there are several things you can take around your home to help ease the burden of allergies for you and your family. In this post and the next, we will discuss 12 steps for making your home’s allergy suffers happier during the fall.

1) Vacuum the Floors and Furniture Often

Vacuuming your indoor areas are important for reducing the presence of allergens tracked into your home on the feet of your family members and the fur of your pets. In order to make a significant impact on the air inside your home, where allergens are often the most irritating, vacuum at least every other day. When you sweep your hardwoods and laminates, vacuum the dust piles as well.

2) Dust and Clean Your Home’s Surfaces Often

Dust and allergens collects on your television, counters, furniture, and other surfaces. Their presence will irritate allergy sufferers, even when they believe they are safe indoors. Rather than using a feather duster, use a damp wash cloth and rinse it often.

3) Change Your HVAC Air Filters

One of the functions of your system is filtering your home’s air of dust and debris. When your air filter is clogged, it reduces airflow, and leads to the increase of dust and allergens collecting on your home’s surfaces. Make sure you change your air filters monthly, or as often as they are dirty, so your heating and air conditioning can be a weapon in the battle against allergies.

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4) Have Your Deck and Siding Pressure Washed

Dirt, debris, fallen leaves, and pollen can collect on your home’s outdoor surfaces as well. This will lead to allergy irritation for you and your family. Pressure washing surfaces will help reduce allergens around your home:

  • Pressure Wash Patio and Outdoor Furniture
  • Pressure Wash Siding
  • Pressure Wash Front Porches and Railing
  • Pressure Wash Decks
  • Pressure Wash Roofing and Awnings
  • Pressure Wash Solar Panel

5) Dispose of Raked Leaves and Thunderstorm Debris

When the beautiful changing leaves finally lose their color and falls, they collect in your yard where rain and groundwater help create the perfect environment for mold development. When you rake or blow your leaves into piles, bag them and dispose of them, rather than allowing the piles to sit in your yard. If you suffer from allergies, make sure you wear a mask while doing yardwork.

6) Remediate and Eradicate Indoor Mold

In every season, excess moisture in and around your home will lead to the development of mold. They symptoms of mold allergies are similar to pollen and dust; therefore, many people do not realize mold is the problem. It is important to have any mold total remediated, indoor and outside.

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing in Asheville, NC help ensure your outdoor surfaces are clean and free of allergy inducing mold and mildew. Contact us for our array of commercial grade pressure washing services in western North Carolina.