Twelve Important Tips for Reducing Fall Allergies Around Your Home Pt. 2

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Though autumn is not typically the time of the year we associate with allergies, pollen and mold can irritate sufferers just as much as the spring. In our previous article, we listed six tips for easing allergy suffering around your home:

  1. Vacuum the Floors and Furniture Often
  2. Dust and Clean Your Home’s Surfaces Often
  3. Change Your HVAC Air Filters
  4. Have Your Deck and Siding Pressure Washed
  5. Dispose of Raked Leaves and Thunderstorm Debris
  6. Remediate and Eradicate Indoor Mold

1) Properly Maintain Your Home's HVAC System

You heating and air conditioning system will filter your home's air; therefore, to reduce allergens in your home, make sure your air filters are changed frequently and your system is working properly.

2) Have Your Roof, Awnings, and Solar Panels Pressure Washed

We often thing of pressure washing as something to do for surfaces that are easily seen, but if mold and mildew are forming on your home's solar panels or roof, it can contribute to allergies. Have these surfaces cleaned by professional pressure washing technicians. Our commercial-grade power washing equipment will thoroughly remove dirt, pollen, and mildew from roofing and other exterior surfaces.

3) Clean, Repair, and Replace Windows

Drafty windows may release as much as 25% of your home's heating energy outdoors, rendering your HVAC system inefficient. While energy escapes your home, pollen and allergens may invade. Additionally, dirt, debris, mildew, and pollen may collect on your windows, further aggravating allergy sufferers. Make sure your windows are clean and in good condition.

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4) Remove Carpet

Vacuuming every day may not be enough to reduce allergens in your home. Consider replacing carpeted surfaces with hardwood or laminate flooring. These surfaces will continue to require sweeping and mopping often during fall and spring; however, they will not trap pollen and pet dander like carpet.

5) Change Your Vehicles' Cabin Air Filters

If your vehicle has a cabin air filter, make sure to replace it as often as the manufacturer recommends; otherwise, allergy sufferers in your home may find the family car a hostile place in which to ride to school or work.

6) Brush Pets Outside

If your pets spend significant time outside, they may bring pollen and allergens indoors. When the pollen count is high, brush your pets' fur outside before allowing them to return to your house.

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