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What To Do About Leaves On the Roof - And Everywhere Else!

After the close of a long, hot, humid summer, many of us in North Carolina welcome the fall with open arms. The air is cooler and crisp; the views are stunning, and the pumpkin spice is flowing. But we know that jumping in the leaves or taking a drive along the Blue Ridge Mountains is a lot more fun than cleaning those little autumn decorations from your property. We have some expert tips for taming these treats from the trees.


Why You Should Remove Leaves From Your Roof 

What’s the big deal? Do you really need to remove leaves from your roof? In a word: yes! Leaves collect, clump up, and trap water. And as you are aware, water and moisture is your roof’s worst enemy. It causes the surface, and even the subsurface and insulation, to deteriorate. Fixing a leak or replacing your roof before its time is a significant expense - and one that you can avoid with routine maintenance.

How do you attack this task before it becomes a big, pricey, problem? There are a few options:

  • For a lower-pitched roof, you can use a leaf blower.
  • If your pitch is steeper, try a roof rake or a broom that’s fixed to an extension pole.
  • Contact Mobile Magic. Our expert team can make quick work of your fall to-do list so you can free up some time to enjoy the foliage! A bonus of choosing a professional to remove leaves from your roof is that they can also use specialized (and safe) cleaners and pressure washing techniques to remove moss and mold that can compromise the integrity - and longevity - of your roof. 

Don’t Forget About Your Gutters 

While clearing leaves from your roof is essential, you risk significant damage if you do not also take care of your gutters. Leaves and other debris (twigs, sticks, etc.) can clog them up. This, too, can mean big trouble for your home. When gutters are stopped up, they can:

  • Break your gutters. Seems pretty obvious! The water and extra weight bends or even tears them from the roof. 
  • Cause foundation issues. For a 2000 square foot home, one inch of rain means that 1200 gallons of water are cascading off your roof. Gutters carry this water away from your home via a downspout. If the gutters are clogged, though, water spills over and pours down the walls. This can lead to erosion that weakens the walls and cracks the foundation.
  • Damages walls and ceilings. Over time (and not much of it), water rots the fascia boards that they’re mounted to, allowing moisture to enter your home.
  • Creates ice dams. In the winter, without a clear path in the gutter, ice dams push snowmelt up under your shingles. This again can cause roof issues, as well as internal damage.
  • Leads to a wet basement. As mentioned, clogged gutters cause water to pour down your walls. If your basement has porous walls and floors (as they likely do!), you’re looking at water damage here.
  • Make a great home for pests. Standing water (like that trapped in your gutters) is the ideal breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes. Bees and wasps also build nests in the mud and wet leaves.

These issues can be avoided by properly cleaning your roof and gutters. This fall, call in the pressure washing experts at Mobile Magic. We use the right equipment, supplies, pressure, and techniques to clear up autumn’s litter, get your home ready for winter, and ensure your roof, foundation, and other structural components live their best, longest life. Contact us today