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What You Should Know About Pressure Washing

There is no better place to live than Asheville, NC. Our area has everything you could desire. We are surrounded by the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River, with thousands of miles of hiking trails to explore. From camping to rock climbing, fly fishing to whitewater rafting, if you enjoy the outdoors, there is no shortage of things to do. The metropolitan area is not as large as Charlotte or Greenville; yet, we have most of the same big-city amenities. We have excellent public education and healthcare, as well as world-class restaurants and excellent shopping. There is far more to do than we can ever accomplish in a lifetime. 

The one downside to having everything is that it comes with every type of weather. That, of course, includes plenty of delightfully sunny and mild days; however, we also have bouts of heavy rain, extreme winds, snow, ice, and occasionally brutal cold. We even get the occasional inland tropical storm that holds together after making landfall in the Gulf of Mexico. 

When it comes to weather, having it all means doing a number on your home's exterior and your outdoor surfaces. Your beautiful Asheville home can become dirty and dingy quickly here. Besides being the scourge of the HOA, that ugly grime is doing damage and reducing the lifespan of your siding, deck, and outdoor furniture.

The most effective way to bring back your home's shine is pressure washing. Can you pressure wash your home yourself? Yes, you can, but before you get started, here is what you need to know about pressure washing your home. 

Six Things You Should Know Before You Begin Pressure Washing

1) Pressure Washing Works

Pressure washing is not a gimmick. It really is the most effective way to clean dirt and grime that builds up on your property. Just a few of the surfaces that can be improved by pressure washing include:

  • Your home's siding 
  • Your deck, porch, or patio
  • Patio and porch railings
  • Concrete driveways and sidewalks 
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pool areas
  • Fencing

2) Pressure Washing Should Be Taken Seriously and Safely

While pressure washing is effective, it can be dangerous. It is vital you read and study all safety precautions when you take on a pressure washing project. You or a loved one can be seriously injured by even a minor mistake. It is vital for people to follow every safety measure.  

3) You Need To Do Some Prep Work

Before you start spraying your home, you need to do some prep work. This will include but is not limited to:

  • Put any sensitive items and decorations indoors.
  • Making sure your pets and children are far away from wherever you will be working.
  • Remember to close all of your windows.
  • Put down a tarp or cover on your most sensitive plants and vegetation. Both the water pressure and washing solution can damage your garden. 
  • Move vehicles and bicycles away from the danger zone.

Preparing your home for pressure washing is vital to avoiding doing damage to sensitive items. 

5) Make Sure You Read the Manual

There is a lot that can go right during a pressure washing project. You can bring shine to surfaces you thought were permanently stained. You can protect your home's exterior and improve its lifespan. However, you can also do a lot of damage. Make sure you read every word of the manual. Furthermore, you should take the time to watch training videos from the manufacturer or online. 

6) Renting or Buying Pressure Washing Equipment Can Be Costly

Purchasing pressure washing equipment can become quite costly. With all that can go wrong, it is not the type of machinery on which you want to pinch pennies. Renting pressure washing equipment may cost hundreds of dollars and have strict time limits. If you choose to purchase your own, you must factor maintenance into your budget. 

7) Pressure Washing Can Be a Time-Consuming Project

Once you buy or rent your equipment, you now have to start your project. Many find pressure washing quickly becomes time-consuming for many reasons:

  • The prep work can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.
  • Reading the manual and watching training videos (likely more than once) can take an hour or more. 
  • You must take all the time required to perform your safety checks. 
  • Once you begin your project, it could take anywhere from an hour to twelve hours. 
  • When you are finished with pressure washing, you will have to make sure you clean and pack up the equipment. 
  • If you rent your equipment, you will have to return it. 

All of this time can be better spent enjoying our beautiful area. So, what can you do about your home's dirty exterior if you do not want to go through the hassle of pressure washing yourself?

Why You Should Trust Pressure Washing to the Professionals

If you follow these steps, you can certainly do your own pressure washing; however, many of our clients are surprised to find that hiring Mobile Magic Pressure Washing is often more cost-effective. By the time you factor in the cost of equipment, the potential for damaging your property, and the time and energy you spend, you may find it makes more sense to trust your project to the pros. Our team will know exactly how to help you protect your plants, choose the right amount of pressure, bring the safest cleaning solution, and keep you and your family out of the danger zone. If you are ready to let the professional pressure washers tackle your home's dirty exterior, contact the team at Mobile Magic Pressure Washing.

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