Why You Should Have Your Home Pressure Washed During the Summer

Why You Should Have Your Home Pressure Washed During the Summer

The spring, fall, and winter months can be quite rough on some of the exterior surfaces around your home. With summer finally here, you might be ready to give your home’s exterior a makeover and get it looking its best again. 

One of the best ways to do so is by investing in a high-quality pressure washing for your home performed by an experienced professional. 

The summer months are the ideal time to have your home pressure washed for several different reasons. While some days can be hotter than others, there’s no better time of the year to pressure wash the exterior of your home. 


With summer barbecues, family dinners, and many other social events being planned, now is the time to put in the effort to bring curb appeal to your home. Hiring an experienced professional to give the exterior of your home and deck a high-quality cleaning will leave lasting impressions on your guests. 

Why You Should Have Your Home Pressure Washed During the Summer

Here are a few key reasons to have your home pressure washed during the summer. 

1. Perfect Weather for Pressure Washing

Summer is an ideal time to have any pressure washing work done on your home. The reason being, the sun rises earlier and goes down later. Having extra hours in the day provides more time to get things done, like relaxing by the water and getting those outdoor projects done. 

Summer is generally dryer than spring, making it the best time to pressure wash your home. Large jobs can be completed in a single day, as opposed to requiring multiple days during other times in the year. 

You won’t have to worry about the errant spring showers, falling leaves in fall, or the harsh effects of winter undoing all of your hard work. 

2. Achieve Long Lasting Results

Due to the longer-lasting sunlight, your home is more likely to stay clean, helping you get more for your investment and curb appeal.  While there are the occasional summer showers, the rain isn’t as harsh in summer as they are in spring, when the spring storms can cause wear and tear to your home’s exterior. 

You also won’t have to worry about pollen on your home’s exterior, deck, and patio, as you would during springtime. The harsh rain in spring can wear on the surfaces of your home, and the falling debris that you normally have to deal with in fall and winter can make your home’s appearance even worse. 

Pressure washing in summer will not only prepare your home’s exterior for the coming months, but you can also count on your home to stay cleaner for longer.  

3. Get Rid of Mold & Mildew 

Summer certainly brings rising temperatures, and with the amount of rainfall over the spring months, it’s likely that when you look around your home’s exterior, you will find mold and mildew starting to grow. 

The leftover moisture and heat of summer provide mold and mildew with the ideal growing conditions on your home’s exterior, roof, and siding. 

However, with a high-quality pressure washing, these potentially damaging organisms on the exterior of your property can be rid of. Mold and mildew ruin the look of your home’s exterior and your deck, making the surfaces slippery and can cause allergies of anyone in your family and your friends if they aren’t cleaned away properly. 

Pressure washing your home will take care of these issues before they become a serious threat to you and your family.

Things to Consider Before Pressure Washing

So, you’ve decided you want to pressure wash your home. There are a couple of options you should consider first. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do this task for you. Depending on the size and height of your home, as well as how often it’s needed, can help you decide. 

Harsh winters and hot summers can take a toll on any building, so be sure to take into consideration the area you live in before deciding how often and when to pressure wash your home. 

Early summer is a perfect time for people to start pressure washing for many reasons including, the weather starts getting warmer, longer days in sunlight, and fewer storms. Choose a sunny day that will give your home a chance to dry out. 

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Choosing a professional pressure washing service this summer not only helps keep the exterior of your home and deck area looking good, but removing any harmful materials like mold, mildew, and debris can help preserve the quality of your property. 

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