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Why You Should Have Your Roof Cleaned Before Spring Storms

While your roof is built to protect your home from the spring rain, proper maintenance is needed for them to stand up to disastrous weather. Spring is arriving, and many homeowners are taking the opportunity to clean the exterior of their home and begin yard work to improve their property’s appearance. It’s also crucial that you should prepare your home for the unpredictable spring weather. If your home is not prepared to withstand heavy storms, your roof could sustain minor damages or leaks from thunderstorms and other types of severe weather.

That is why we have put together reasons why you should have your roof cleaned before spring storms. 

Different Types of Roof Storm Damage

Even the smallest spring storms can cause damage to your home’s roof. If left unrepaired, the damage can develop into a larger, more costly issue. Here are a few ways that spring weather can affect your roofing. 

1. Strong Winds

Depending on the strength of the wind, your shingles could lose their granules, or the entire shingle can be blown off. Granules are important because they keep water out. When a shingle is gone, leaks can occur and cause further damage to your roof. Repair or replace missing shingles before spring weather arrives.

2. Heavy Rain

If your roof already has slight damage or is vulnerable due to its age, those issues will only be made worse by rain. Your roof will experience water damage, leaks, and wood rot after a severe rainstorm. 

3. Flying Debris

There are different roofing issues that can be a result of flying debris. A tree branch, for example, could come down on your roof, causing major damage to shingles. Loose debris can also clog up your gutter, causing even more problems for moisture to build upon your roof. Even though flying debris is unpredictable, you can trim tree branches and clean out your roof’s siding and gutter to prevent water damage and debris. 

How To Prepare Your Roof for Spring Weather

1. Inspect Siding and Roof

Your siding and roof are very important to your home because they protect your roof against wind, rain, and hail. You need to carefully check the siding and roof of your home for any potential damage. Then repair the damage immediately before spring showers to prevent further roof problems. Any minor damage to your siding or roof will make your home more vulnerable to leaks and water damage. The safest and most effective solution is to hire a professional to inspect and clean your roof before spring. 

2. Check the Roof for Leaks

Water damage and roof leaks can cause significant property damage over time. By allowing rainwater to slowly absorb into your home’s structure can create a perfect environment for termites to inhabit your home. Check the attic for signs of a roof leak and have a professional inspect the roof for any leaks or damage. 

3. Check and Clean Your Gutters

Before any season, your gutter needs to be cleaned and secure so that rainwater or melting snow will be able to properly drain from your roof. Make sure to soft wash your gutters and downspouts to prevent overflow and cause damage to your siding and home’s foundation. Have a professional cleaning company pressure wash your gutters to ensure your home will be protected against clogged drains. 

The Importance of Roof Cleaning

1. Prevent Ice from Forming 

During the winter month, snow will melt and run off the roof and freeze at the edge, forming a large wall of ice. Even though ice dams don’t occur in spring, it’s still important to address. Ice dams can form as a result of not cleaning the snow and debris off of your roof after a snowfall or heavy storm. They prevent water from properly draining and develop major problems like leaks, shingle and roof damage, dangerous icicle formation, and gutter damage overtime. You should clean your roof and clear off any snow and debris to stop ice dams from forming. Hire a professional roof cleaner to get the job done. Inexperience can lead to further roof damage, gutter damage, or physical injury. 

2. Remove Roof Algae, Moss, and Lichen 

Being the protector of your home, your roof is exposed to all elements of nature. This means dirt, water, leaves, and plants all find their way onto your roof at some point. Spring rain or winter snow can often make your roof appear clean. However, don’t be deceived because there is actually algae, moss, and lichen existing all over your roof. Algae, moss, and lichen, if left ignored, can greatly increase the chances you’ll need a roof replacement sooner. Roof cleaning services can get rid of and prevent algae, moss, and lichen from growing on your roof. 

3. Avoid Shingle Damage:

Shingles that haven’t been cleaned can be a result of shingle damage from ice dams, debris, and microorganisms. Damaged or missing shingles can lead to serious problems like mold growth, water damage, and decreased energy efficiency. Have your roof cleaned by a professional to reduce the chance of shingle damage and other causes. 

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Roof cleaning is an important part of maintaining your roof; however, it’s easy to neglect, forget about, or not understand the importance of cleaning your roof. At Mobile Magic Pressure Washing, we understand the importance of roof cleaning and how it can affect roof repairs. We take care of everything by ensuring your roof is cleaned and ready for repairs after storms, neglect, or damage. Take a step in the right direction and contact us today about roof cleaning services