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Winter Pressure Washing Needs in Western North Carolina

Winter in Asheville, North Carolina, and the surrounding mountains is as beautiful as it can be cold. If you aren’t out enjoying the winter weather, you are probably hunkered down at home, hoping for the return of warmer days.

It can be hard to think about taking care of exterior projects when it is so cold. But keeping up with home maintenance throughout winter can jump-start your enjoyment of spring.


Common Winter Pressure Washing Needs in Western North Carolina

While freezing temperatures can put a damper on pressure washing, you can get exterior cleaning projects done so long as the temperature stays above 40 degrees. Attempting to pressure wash with it in colder weather risks freezing up equipment or causing hypothermia.

But winter is no time to lessen your upkeep on vehicles, driveways, or home exteriors. Salt and various de-icing materials can build up quickly on surfaces in winter, leaving them not only grimy looking, but salt and chemicals can quickly damage surfaces if left alone for too long.

1. Building Exteriors 

Mildew thrives in cold, wet weather, which sounds exactly like winter in the mountains of North Carolina. Mildew, moss, and mold can spread quickly in the right conditions. Don’t let your guard down. If you notice the exterior of your home or business looking dirty or dingy, consider having it soft-washed. 

For your home, it isn’t just siding and gutters that can see substantial mildew build-up in winter. Extend the life of your roof, deck, and outdoor furniture by keeping them clean. Businesses and drive-thrus can see significant amounts of grime during winter. Keep your storefront spotless and inviting to customers by having it cleaned.

Using a multi-purpose cleaner and lower pressure than you would see on more rigid materials, your home's siding and deck can be spotless again. Soft washing is safe for plants and animals; just give everything a chance to dry out before use.

2. Vehicles and Machinery

Road salt is the primary concern for vehicles and machinery that find their way onto roads during the winter. Western North Carolina sees its fair share of ice and snow. Unfortunately, what helps keep the streets safe for travel can increase the wear on our necessary equipment. 

Make sure to get your vehicle cleaned of grime and salt frequently. Pay close attention to cleaning the undercarriage as it gets hit with more debris and water from the road. 

Proper lower pressure cleaning of vehicles can keep them in top operating condition. Regularly cleaning your cars also keeps all the grime and salt they pick up from the road from being deposited onto your driveway.

3. Sidewalks and Driveways

Whether you salt your sidewalks and driveway around your home or business or just have to contend with what vehicles bring in off the road, throughout winter, the build-up of deicers and other chemicals can take its toll on concrete surfaces. 

Salt damage causes discoloration, cracking, and eventually, the crumbling of concrete if not addressed. This corrosion is especially pronounced in concrete that is less than a year old. If you have a newly poured concrete slab that sees deicing chemicals or salt, you need to clean it regularly.

In addition to deicers, the same shorter days that lead to darker cool, wet areas occurring around the sides of the house can leave patches of our walk and driveways covered with dark discoloration. If you see dark patches, it is likely mildew or mold starting to take hold in the pores of the concrete. Get the surface thoroughly cleaned to keep it from becoming a recurring issue.

Mobile Magic

It can be tempting to attempt a pressure washing project yourself, but winter washing is one thing you should leave to the professionals if you aren’t familiar with commercial equipment. Different surfaces require unique pressures and cleaners. Trust a professional to get the job done right the first time and avoid damage to your home, vehicle, landscape, and self.

Mobile Magic works on projects ranging from a single home or business to an entire community of apartments and condos. Whether it is the deck and furniture, sidewalk, driveway, or house siding that needs a clean this winter, you can depend on the expertise of our team.

Based in Asheville, we have proudly served the entirety of Western North Carolina since 2001. Contact us to get an appointment scheduled. Our dedicated team will keep your property in top shape through winter.