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Spring is just around the corner in Asheville, North Carolina. Residents of western North Carolina will soon be busy cleaning and preparing their homes for summer. As you begin to plan to tackle decluttering and tackling home projects, we want to make sure you have a plan-of-action. In this article and the next, we will discuss eight key tips for getting your home ready for spring and summer.

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The last few weeks have been cold, but 2018 looks even more frigid. Lows are predicted to be in the teens and single digits, approaching zero in the higher elevations of Haywood, Jackson, and Madison counties. As temperatures plummet in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina, it is important for homeowners to make sure their homes are ready. Extreme temperatures can stretch your home’s systems and ultimately cause malfunctions that lead to costly repairs.

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Though autumn is not typically the time of the year we associate with allergies, pollen and mold can irritate sufferers just as much as the spring. In our previous article, we listed six tips for easing allergy suffering around your home:

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Allergies are as much of a problem during the fall as the spring and summer for many Asheville area residents. Running noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, and scratchy throats plague allergy suffers, though they are often mistaken for the common cold.