It’s that time of year again. When it comes to the fall season, you may think of pumpkin patches, drinking apple cider, pulling your favorite sweater out of the closet, and watching football on the television. 

Another thing that comes with the temperature drop is the leaves changing. Leaves begin to change colors, and before you know it, they start to fall before winter. Red and orange trees go bare as their leaves start to fall. 

But what happens to the leaves that fall?

When leaves fall, they go everywhere; your driveway, your yard, and even on the roof of your home. Leaving leaves in our yard usually doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing to the neighbors, and wet leaves could cause problems on your driveway, so it’s necessary to make sure you pick them up or blow them away. 

For this project, you might use a rake or a leaf blower. But what about the leaves that are left on the top of your home? If they are not properly disposed of, they can cause a number of issues.

The Asheville area is a must-visit destination on many tourism lists. That is evident when ten million (not an exaggeration) tourists spend time in Buncombe County each year. At the same time, tens of thousands of people move to the area each year. 

Property values have sky-rocketed as it has become much more common to work remotely, freeing people to live wherever they want. Of course, they want to live right here, surrounded by mile-high mountains and hundreds of thousands of acres of mostly untouched wilderness to explore. 

Property owners know how important it is to maintain the exterior beauty of their homes. Whether you have long-term rental property, vacation rental property, commercial property, or just your family’s mountain dream house, you want to make sure your property is aesthetically pleasing. 

Your driveway may seem like a lost cause. It seems too greasy and too grimy to be restored to its former glory. However, that’s not the case. 

The spring, fall, and winter months can be quite rough on some of the exterior surfaces around your home. With summer finally here, you might be ready to give your home’s exterior a makeover and get it looking its best again. 

One of the best ways to do so is by investing in a high-quality pressure washing for your home performed by an experienced professional. 

The summer months are the ideal time to have your home pressure washed for several different reasons. While some days can be hotter than others, there’s no better time of the year to pressure wash the exterior of your home. 

Summer is in full swing in western North Carolina. That means different things for different people. For some, it is the season of pool visits, beach trips, and watersports. For others, it is the opportunity for families to explore the almost unlimited amount of hiking and mountain biking trails throughout the region. Still, others find summer is the season of shuttling kids to sports camps and other activities. Generally speaking, our weather is perfect for whatever activity you choose. Here in the French Broad River Valley, it is a little cooler than the foothills and piedmont and foothills; however, the mercury could be 10 to 20-degrees lower on some high elevation hikes. While summer storms can pop up at almost any time, most days are full of sun. 

There are some weather dangers lurking far away from Buncombe County. Forming in the tropics and off the coast of Africa, tropical storms and hurricanes seem to be the least of our worries. While we are too far inland to receive the brunt of most storms, tropical systems can pack a punch even here in the mountains. In fact, our diverse terrain can actually enhance the effects of weakening storms, dropping torrential rain, and accelerating wind gusts. 

Your home and property are susceptible to damage from tropical storms. Furthermore, the mess they leave behind can cause long-term problems. Here is what you need to know about tropical storm clean-up in western North Carolina. 

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