When homebuyers are looking at properties, a common statement is, “Wow, look at all those windows! This natural light is amazing.”  Definitely a big selling point! And when homeowners gaze out at the scenery, at their backyard gardens, at their children playing on the lawn, at the sunrise or sunset, they thank themselves for making such a wise decision.

But when it comes time to wash those gorgeous windows… well, they may not be thanking themselves any longer. Now they have to keep those windows clean and clear! It can be a big job. Luckily, there is a solution that can easily tackle the challenge: pressure washing.

What do sweet potatoes and yams have to do with pressure washing and power washing? Read on to find out — and to learn which method will get your home or business sparkling clean.

Which is Which?

Many people use the terms sweet potato and yam interchangeably. They’re the same thing, right? A rich yellowy-orange treat that tastes pretty delicious with some butter and salt or maybe some melted marshmallows around the holidays. But the truth is that these tubers are not the same at all; they are two completely different and distinct foods.

You don’t judge a book by its cover — but it turns out that customers do judge your business by its appearance. Ninety-five percent of consumers say a company's external appearance affects their decision to shop there. More than half report that they would avoid a store if it looked dirty from the outside.

The bottom line: cleanliness impacts your bottom line. Maintaining a sharp, neat exterior is an essential, if overlooked, component of creating the right experience for your customers —  no matter what type of business you run. A professional commercial pressure washing team can help you make the right impression.

Not sure you really need the pros on your side? Take a look at five reasons you should consider hiring a top team today.

You may have seen it before on homes in your neighborhood. Mold and mildew creeping up vinyl siding, marring the exterior with ugly blotches. Has it creeped over to your house too? Whether you’re dealing with stained siding, marks and smudges on your beautiful deck, or grit and grime buildup on your driveway, their stubborn refusal to go away can be frustrating!

Thanks to the weather — particularly the heat and humidity — we experience here in North Carolina, these issues are incredibly common. There's one way to get rid of them: a solid power wash. But before you buy or rent a pressure washer, ask yourself if this is a job better left to the pros.