dirty sidewalkIf you own property in Buncombe County, NC, you know how special it is to live in such a beautiful area. Every season brings its share of beauty and wonders to the city of Asheville and surrounding towns like Fletcher, Arden, Swannanoa, Woodfin, and Weaverville. From icy winter stillness to the wildflowers of spring and summer to the brilliant display of fall colors each year, there is always something to see. 

There is also plenty to do in Buncombe County. From an abundance of hiking and mountain biking trails to watersports and rock climbing, you never have to be bored during your downtime. The only downside is that there is so much to experience in our area, it is easy to forget to clean your home’s outdoor surfaces. 

Here is what you need to know about keeping the exterior parts of your property clean all year long. 

Pressure Washing Outdoor Surfaces in Buncombe County, NC

Our area produces every type of weather imaginable, which can wreak havoc on your outdoor surfaces. 

Outdoor Surfaces that Need to Be Pressure Washed

1) Outdoor furniture. Weathering is inevitable if you have furniture on your porch, deck, or patio. These surfaces will eventually develop a filthy build-up, which can lead to premature degeneration. 

A pressure washer can clean virtually any type of surface, whether it’s wood, mesh, or plastic.

2) Cushions for outdoor furniture. Don’t forget to pressure wash your outdoor cushions as well as your outdoor furniture! The cushions and pillows on your deck’s patio chairs might become dirty over time. 

They can be pressure washed.

3) Concrete sidewalks and driveways. Do you use salt or other snowmelt treatments on your sidewalks or driveway? While this keeps your family safe throughout the winter, it might cause your concrete to deteriorate over time. 

The importance of pressure washing your concrete walkways cannot be overstated.

4) Fencing. Your fence will become weathered and dirty. You should pressure wash your fence to maintain it and keep it looking like the one you’ve always wanted.

5) Outdoor play equipment. Even after one season in your yard, slides, swings, and other children’s play areas can begin to appear unclean. A pressure washer can be used to clean outdoor playground equipment. 

6) Trash cans. Not only does a dirty trash can look disgusting, but the odor can overwhelm your property and attract unwelcome attention from your neighbors. Garbage cans and recycling bins aren’t hopeless. They can be cleaned by having them pressure washed.

7) Your roof. The roof of your house is the most difficult to access, but it is also one of the most necessary to clean. Debris can build on your roof, causing leaks and the possibility of mold growth.

These problems may cause your roof to weaken, necessitating costly repairs. It’s one thing to replace your roof, but the costs can quickly add up if the problems also cause water damage inside your home.

8) Decks and patios. Having a party on a dirty patio isn’t enticing to your visitors. Pressure washing your patio or deck removes the filthy build-up and extends the life of the surface. 

It’s also a wise to clean before restaining the deck, to give it a great finish.

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing in Buncombe County, NC

Mobile Magic Pressure Washing serves Buncombe County with the highest quality pressure washing services in the area. If your outdoor surfaces are beginning to seem dirty and neglected, give us a call. We are here to help.