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Getting Road Salt Out of Your DrivewayWhen it’s winter in the mountain regions, that means wonderful views, skiing, snowshoeing, adventures, hot cocoa… and road salt. It’s a part of life with which we are all well acquainted. Road salt - which is basically like the salt you sprinkle on your food, just more coarse - is an important component of maintaining safe roadways. When applied to icy surfaces, it dissolves and lowers the freezing point of the water. Ice that comes into contact with the salt melts, creates more water, which dissolves more salt… the net effect is that it is safer to drive.

Getting Road Salt Out of Your Driveway

While salt does make our winter commutes safer, it wreaks havoc on vehicles and other equipment. Salt is extremely corrosive, and, if given the chance, it will eat away at metal surfaces. Aesthetic damage is the least of your concerns; salt can cause severe structural damage that renders your vehicle or equipment unsafe. 

Magic Mobile is here to help you wash away the worries of winter. Our experienced technicians know how to remove road salt, using the proper amount of pressure - and applying it in the right places. A thorough cleaning is important, and a run through the car wash is not sufficient to stop the destruction salt can cause. Pressure washing removes this corrosive agent from the body of your vehicle (or other equipment) and its undercarriage. If your business relies on trucks and delivery vehicles, for instance, keeping them in top shape is a priority. 

We can also remove road salt from your parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. This not only makes them more attractive; it keeps them safer and preserves their life. 

A visit from the Mobile Magic experts can save you time and money this winter - and all year long. Contact us today to see how we can help with your residential and/or business needs.