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Deck and Patio Cleaning Hendersonville Does your calendar only have two seasons (pre-grilling and grilling) or even just one (grilling)? If you’re serious about perfecting the dry rub for your ribs, creating the perfect sizzle on your steaks, or making sure there are plenty of burgers to go around, you’re all about the food. But what about your porch or deck? If it’s looking a little grimy, dirty, or faded, now is the perfect time for a grill season cleanup. The experts at Mobile Magic can help you make quick work of it - so you can get back to making your famous sauce.

Pressure Washing for Your Deck or Patio

Over the winter and throughout the grilling season, dirt, debris, and stains can build up on your surfaces. Your outdoor furniture can start to look faded and old. Mobile Magic offers a powerful solution: pressure washing. 

Using a unique softwash approach, we apply low pressure to avoid damaging wood and other surfaces. This is combined with the application of biodegradable soaps, algaecides, and mildewcides. Not only are these exceptionally effective, but they are also completely plant- and pet-safe. Low pressure, expertly applied, allows us to scrub away layers of dirt and grime. Following with a gentle rinse, we can restore your surfaces to excellent condition. 

Pressure washing is an effective solution for wood and laminate decks and patios, as well as most outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, and other spring and summer essentials. You could spend hours cleaning your deck or patio - or you could let us do it and enjoy professional, high-quality results. 

For the top deck and patio cleaning services in Hendersonville, contact Mobile Magic. We’ll be right there to help you get ready for a fantastic grill season.