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Is pressure washing a DIY project?It feels like we have all been stuck in our houses quite a bit in 2020. Even as stay in home orders are lifted, we are still limited on how much we can enjoy western North Carolina. Restaurants, lounges, and other places that attract tourists and new residents alike are in many cases unable to open at full capacity. The hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and camping areas seem to be at full capacity almost daily as people from all over try to find ways to get outdoors. You and your family may have found it easier to just hangouts on your property.

However, that may make you even more aware of the need for your homes surfaces to be cleaned by pressure washing. You can rent your own machine and do your own pressure washing; however, it is important to take the right steps in order to ensure your own safety and protect your home from damage. Often, pressure washing proves not to be a DIY project for homeowners in western North Carolina.

Is Pressure Washing a DIY project?

Pressure washing is a process that use highly pressurized water to clean the dirt and mud and Meyer off of a home surface. Before you rent your own machine and start pressure washing, make sure you have read thoroughly and are aware of the potential dangers:

  • Injuries can occur as the pressurized water comes in contact with skin.
  • You can damage surfaces through accidental contact.
  • You can chip paint from painted surfaces.
  • You can cause damage to roofing and other materials.
  • You can kill sensitive plants and landscaping.
  • They be using a method not recommended by your homeowners’ insurance.
  • You may even avoid certain warranties.
  • You may not be using the best technique for your specific situation.

Pressure washing is hard work and can be very time consuming, especially if you are not a trained professional. Furthermore, techniques such as softwsahing may be better suited for some of your surfaces. A professional technician will know what technique is best for each surface and have a trained I so as to see and clean things that homeowners might otherwise mess. If you are ready to have your home pressure washed, and your outdoor surfaces thoroughly cleaned, contact mobile magic pressure washing in Asheville today.