Why Clean your Gutters?

Gutters protect your foundation from washing away during a rainstorm. They divert the flow of water from the roof, down and away from the house. Without proper maintenance, gutters become clogged with leaves and dirt over time. Once they are clogged they are unable to do their job and could lead to thousands of dollars worth of foundation damage.

When gutters are clogged, rain water will run over the edge and if you are lucky, fall to your foundation. If you are unlucky, the water will travel under the gutter and down the siding of the building then collect at your foundation. Water running down siding will impart moisture into the siding. This could lead to mould or wet rot in the material.

Another issue with a clogged gutter is the bug problem. Standing, stagnant water in a gutter system is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. As if the siding and foundation damage were not bad enough, right?

Cleaning Method

The process is pretty straightforward for cleaning gutters. Remove the muck, then flush the gutter to remove any extra debris.