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Home Pressure Washing Tips from Mobile Magic Pressure Washing in AshevilleYou notice when dust, dog hair, and dishes build up in your home, and a good deep clean gets life back in order. But do you notice when dirt and grime accumulate on your siding, pathways, driveway, or deck? Exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on your exterior surface - and a good deep clean is a must here too. Pressure washing is a fast, effective way to attack dirt, debris, and gunk. Not sure where to start? The experts at Mobile Mobile have a few handy tips for you.

Get the Right Equipment

Pressure washers use a pump to increase water pressure that flows through the attached hose. This can either be powered by electricity or gas. Gas typically offers higher PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute), so it powers through dirt faster. Be aware that gas is also louder and these washers require more maintenance. 

Electric models do require a power source, but you won’t have to worry about oil changes and maintenance. If you rent a machine, you can avoid maintenance worries altogether! We are happy to advise you regarding the best option for your needs. 

Pressure Washer Equipment Matters

You want enough pressure to power away dirt and grime - but not so much that you break or damage surfaces. Pressure washer engines are categorized as light, medium, heavy, and professional duty. If you want to pressure wash a small deck or clean off your mower, a light-duty machine is sufficient. If you want to clean your siding or driveway, you’ll need a medium-duty engine. Larger, more intensive jobs will require heavy-duty or pro machines. 

You will also need to choose your nozzle. The narrower the angle, the more power. Nozzles are color-coded:

  • Red: the narrowest angle. This nozzle can create a lot of damage if you’re not careful - and you sure wouldn’t use it on your windows!
  • Yellow: water exits at a 15-degree angle and is good for applications like washing concrete.
  • Green: water exits at 25 degrees and green tips are a good option for all-purpose household washing (vehicles, decks, outdoor furniture, etc.).
  • White: this is a user-friendly nozzle with a 40-degree spray. This is suitable for siding and windows.
  • Black: here, water exits at 65 degrees, which is very gentle. This is not going to power away stains or dirt. It’s best used when you just want to make a surface wet. 

Home Pressure Washing Tips

When you have your equipment, get ready!

  • Wear eye and hearing protection.
  • Hold the wand with both hands.
  • Keep the nozzle tip about 18 inches away from the surface you want to clean.
  • Do not pressure wash painted siding or painted surfaces from before 1978 (there could be lead in the paint).
  • Be sure to always select the correct pressure settings and nozzles. If you go too big and too powerful, you risk damaging surfaces. If you do not use enough pressure, you are simply wetting down an area.
  • Keep pets and children away from the area you are cleaning. 

Best tip? Bring in the pros! When you choose Mobile Magic, you can rest assured that our trained technicians will always use the right pressure, the right nozzles, and the right techniques to ensure a deep - safe, effective - clean. Don’t waste time or money with equipment, nozzles, and worries: we’ll take care of it for you so you can get back to your day.