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Why Wash your House?

One of the first impressions a person gets when they visit your house is the siding. Over time dirt and grime will build up on the siding and make your property look dirty and dingy. 

Property damage is a concern when pressure washing a house. The siding of a house is not designed to withstand the massive amounts of pressure that most pressure washers produce. Water can be forced into seals, shred screens, and soak through wood that could lead to rot.

Cleaning Method

The siding is sprayed with a cleaner then scrubbed down. Afterward it is low-pressure washed with a multipurpose cleaner then rinsed. Low-pressure is key to ensuring no damage is done when cleaning your house. Our methodology will leave your home looking fresh and new without the risk of damage.

Check out the before and after pictures below:

before after 2

before after1

House Siding