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There’s no doubt that after a long southern summer, many of us are more than happy to see fall roll in. The gorgeous foliage displays are a yearly treat - but jumping in a pile of leaves or driving along the Blue Ridge Mountains is a lot more fun than dealing with them on your roof. Want to trim your autumn to-do list so you can get out there and enjoy? Mobile Magic is here to help.

Why are leaves on your roof a problem? Won’t they just slip off? Well, many will - and then you get to rake them up off your lawn. The problem is that the ones that get stuck up there tend to clump up and collect water. If left, they begin to rot, and that moisture can find its way into your shingles or roofing material. Any issue that causes your roof to become compromised is an issue that needs immediate attention! 

Get Leaves Off the Roof With Pressure Washing Services in Asheville, NC

Pressure washing your roof to remove leaves is not a DIY job. It can be dangerous accessing this surface. In addition to the risk for yourself, there is a risk to your roof. Incorrect or improper pressure washing can damage your roof surface and substrate, leading to costly repairs down the road. Let the pros handle it. 

Mobile Magic has served Asheville, North Carolina, and surrounding areas since 2001, and our expert technicians know how to handle the job. Using the right pressure, materials, and techniques, we can clear up those pesky leaves and help you button up for the winter. Not only that, removing leaf debris will ensure your home looks its best.

Fall leaves may look quaint and harmless, but if left on your roof, they can wreak havoc. To ensure your home is protected for the season ahead (and many more to come!), contact Mobile Magic today.