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Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning

The first impression is everything, and the first thing people see when visiting your business is the parking lot. If your parking deck or lot is in bad shape, this could start a meeting off on poor footing.

With any high-traffic area, dirt is going to build up. The tires from cars and trucks will rub off trace amounts of rubber on your lot. Eventually the once bright white concrete will look dull and dark.

Paint spills, grease spots, and rust stains will creep in and make things look less than appealing. Not to mention a hazard to the structure itself. Walkways with grease during rain could be a safety hazard. The same is true for the lot floor due to run-off from the oils of motor-vehicles.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your parking deck safe, plus looking and feeling great!

What Needs Cleaning?

  • The parking lot floor
  • Sidewalks and/or walkways
  • Building exteriors

Contact your Asheville Parking Lot cleaning professionals at 828-279-5265 today. We service all of Western North Carolina.