Why Clean your Roof or Awning?

When the roof or awning of a property is clean, that property seems to pop out at you. The same is true if the roof or awning is dirty and grimy. The only difference however is how you feel about that property and the people it represents.

Thoughts of, "This place looks great!" or "Does the inside look as unkept as the outside?"

A roof has other functions other than keeping the rain out. Heat is absorbed from the sun and helps to keep the building warm. The amount of algae or other types of build-up will affect how much sunlight is being absorbed.

By cleaning off any build-up on a roof or awning, you are extending the life of that roof or awning. Any build-up will negatively affect how long the roof can function as a roof.

What It Comes Down To

What sort of impression do you want to make on the people that look at your building? How your property looks will affect those who see it. This can be a good or bad thing. Let us help you make your property shine!

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