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What are Clean Rust or Oil Stains?

A stain in general is a discoloration of a certain material created by a chemical bond with a different substance. Unwanted stains are unsightly, and lower the value of the object that is stained.

Different stains require different solvents to remove them. Rust and oil stains will not simply come off by hosing them down. Even with high pressure, these stains will still be there. They require the proper chemical cleaner and some elbow grease to remove them.

Also, depending on what caused the stain, multiple solvents or cleaners may need to be used. For example, a stain from machine oil may contain traces of metal that has set into the surface. The chemical used to remove the oil, will not remove the metal.

Cleaning Methods

Before cleaning the stain, any excess oil must be removed. Kitty litter goes a long way in this step. After the oil has been soaked up by the kitty litter, the cleaning chemicals are applied and he scrubbing begins.