What is solar panel cleaning?

Solar panels empower you to run your home or business with clean energy, cut traditional utility costs, and enjoy reliable, virtually maintenance free operation. With regular, and simple, cleaning, your solar panels will perform brilliantly for years to come.

Capturing the Power of the Sun

Each and every hour, the sun produces enough energy to power 2880 trillion light bulbs. That’s enough to give every person alive — all 7.5 billion of us — a lightbulb that would shine for our entire lives. All in one hour!

You may not need 2880 trillion light bulbs, but solar panels are capable of effectively meeting your home or business power needs. Cleaning them is an easy way of increasing efficiency and ensuring you see the short- and long-term savings you need.

Why Cleaning Your Solar Panels Is Critical

The more light that hits the surface, the more power your panels can generate. When there is a build-up of dust, dirt, droppings, grit, and grime, it limits the amount of light coming into contact with the solar cells. Output drops, and your conventional power usage climbs.

But won’t rain wash away the mess and clean the panels naturally? Not exactly. Rain will not clear away all build-up or stains, to which solar panels are susceptible given their angled position. North Carolina’s rain, humidity, and moisture also facilitate the growth of moss, mold, and mildew. You want to go green —  but not this type of green!

Cleaning may also be a condition of your warranty. Many manufacturers and installers require proof of professional cleaning in order to cover you for repairs or replacements. A little routine maintenance can result in big savings in the future.

See Your Solar Panel Pros

Mobile Magic provides reliable solar panel washing, as well as the removal of stubborn dirt, droppings, oil, and stains. Our pressure washing techniques, used in combination with gentle brushes and commercial-grade chemicals, ensure that your panels are protected during the cleaning process. And sparkling clean after.

Contact our expert team: we’ll make sure your solar panels are ready to capture the power of the sun — and put it to use in your home or business. 

We use commercial grade cleaning chemicals in combination with our pressure washers and gentle brushes designed to not scratch or deteriorate glass on panels. Depending on how stubborn the surface is will determine the method used to clean it off. 

solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Asheville, NC

We provide numerous services, including:

  • Gentle solar panel washing
  • Stubborn dirt removal
  • Oil and Stain removal