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spring cleaning pressure washingSpring is almost here, which means warmer days, but it also means that the remnants of winter are fully displayed with mud and other debris that has turned your home into an unsightly mess. Your home’s exterior deserves a thorough cleaning after the winter season. We have put together our top six outdoor spring cleaning tips.

Top 6 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Sweep Your Deck, Patio, & Driveway

Your walkways, patios, driveway, and decks are usually the first thing you see when you step outside. After a harsh winter, there is no doubt it needs a good clean. Sweep all the sticks, leaves, and debris off of the surfaces to clear space for you, your family, your guests, and furniture. Not only does it look clean, but also visually pleasing.

2. Clean the Windows

Your windows become dirty over time from the weather. Simply take some glass-cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to get the windows to shine again. If the windows are difficult to reach, hire a local cleaning company to clean your windows. 

3. Wash the House and Garage

Pressure washing your home is the best way to restore its former glory. Over the winter and throughout the year, your home’s exterior will have contaminants like mold, dirt, algae, and stubborn stain. Soft washing your home will safely eliminate the buildup and return your siding to a like-new condition. Hire a professional cleaning company to save you the hassle of using a pressure washer. 

4. Wash the Driveway and Patios

After you have swept your driveway and patios, there might be lingering stains that won’t come off. Pressure wash your driveway and patios to thoroughly clean and restore their look. Make sure to use safe pressure with a proper cleanser. If you are not comfortable using a pressure washer or don’t want to invest in one, call a professional pressure washing company.

5. Wash the Deck

Just like your home’s exterior, driveway, and patios, dirt, algae, and mold can make their way to the surface of your deck. Pressure washing effectively removes these contaminants and improves the look of your deck. When your deck accumulates wet algae, it can become very slippery and unsafe. You want to make sure your desk is in top shape before hosting family gatherings and get-togethers during the warm weather seasons. 

6. Clean the Roof

You might notice black streaking or moss growing on your roof. Contact a professional power washing company to help care before it becomes a big issue. The black streaking can on the roof eat away at the granules within the shingles and cause deterioration over time. A reliable pressure washing company can help soft wash to remove black streaks and neutralize the moss.

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