Why Washing Your Windows is Important

Windows are the portals that allow the outside to peer inside. A few things that windows provide a room include:

  • Provide natural lighting
  • Make rooms appear larger
  • Shows off the outside view

Just like anything else, over time dust, dirt, and grime will build up on your windows. All this gunk takes away from the view outside, and disburse the light coming inside. This makes your room look dingy and grungy. Even if the rest of the space is immaculate, a dirty window will ruin it.

Of course you can clean it yourself with some generic window cleaner and a paper towel. This can work in the short term, but depending on the cleaning method and tools you are using, you could damage your window. Small particles of dirt will cling to your towel and act as sand paper when you wipe it off. This could lead to scratches in your window.

Plus there is your time to consider. You have more important things to do than wash your windows. This is where Mobile Magic comes in. With our commerical grade equipment and cleaning agents, we will make your windows look like they just came off the showroom floor. Contact us for a quote today!