winter pressure washing wncWinter can be tough on your home’s exterior, especially if you live in Asheville, NC. Located in the heart of the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges, Asheville experiences freezing temperature, snowfall, and rain every winter.

Pressure washing your home’s exterior can be a very effective way of eliminating dirt and grime, which is why many homeowners use a pressure washing service in the spring and summertime. However, you shouldn’t have to wait till summer, because Mobile Magic offers pressure washing services year-round, even during the coldest months. 

Benefits of Having Your Home’s Exterior Professionally Cleaned

1. Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first and last impression your guests will have. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, or family dinner, or listing your home for sale, you should consider having the exterior of your home professionally cleaned to leave the last impression you want.

2. Prevent Damage

Mold growth, algae, and dirt buildup look unattractive, but they can wear away at your home’s exterior during winter. Moss and algae can grow into the home’s surface, and chip away at the home’s exterior. Regular cleaning can help reduce these risks and end up saving homeowners from paying costly repairs. 

3. Health

Having your home’s exterior professionally cleaned will help eliminate potentially harmful substances such as pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, mildew, and algae. These harmful substances could lead to potential negative health consequences, such as trouble breathing, allergies, or disease. 

A professional exterior cleaning service will get rid of these substances and help prevent them from developing. 

4. Convenience

Hiring a professional pressure washing company gives you the time to do the things you enjoy doing. An exterior home cleaning is one of the most affordable services you can choose to improve the appearance of your home, even during winter. We recommend having your home’s exterior cleaned at least once a year. 

Mobile Magic Winter Pressure Washing Asheville, NC

One way that Mobile Magic in Asheville, NC can help protect your home from winter damage is through our exterior cleaning service. We offer pressure washing as well as soft washing mold and mildew services. Our experts can advise on what type of cleaning your home may need. 


Let the professionals at Mobile Magic do the work so that your home remains pristine during the winter. Contact us today to schedule your winter pressure washing appointment. We have the experience and expertise you can count on to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned.