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winter home maintenanceWhether you have recently purchased a home in the Asheville area, or you have lived here for many years, you know that weather can be a factor anytime. Here is what you can expect during any given winter in western North Carolina: 

  • You can expect relatively mild temperatures for a high elevation city
  • You can expect about a foot of snow in the valleys, but much more on the ridges and high elevation areas near the Tennessee border.
  • You can expect frequent bouts of sleet and freezing rain.
  • You can expect the temperature to dip below freezing about 70 times each year. However, you can also expect at least one or two significant cold snaps with temperatures potentially in the single digits.
  • You can expect a lot of cold miserable rain.
  • You can expect your house to take a beating.

Winter can really be a beautiful time in our area, but it is important to make sure you’re taking steps to prepare your home and mitigate potential rapid weathering. Here are a few tips for Asheville homeowners from a pressure washing company that has seen many winters.

How To Protect Your Asheville Home During Winter

Here are a few key tips for protecting your home during winter in Asheville:

  1. Clean your home’s roof and gutters. Debris on roofs can get wet and heavy, leading to roof damage, holes, and poor drainage. It can be even worse if it freezes. 
  2. Clean your home’s deck and outdoor furniture. After the leaves of autumn fall on your deck and furniture, it can leave behind dirt and grime. 
  3. Clean your home’s concrete. If you use salt and other solutions to deice your sidewalk and driveway, you will need to make sure these surfaces are pressure washed to avoid deterioration.
  4. Clean your home’s windows. Dirt and grime may actually prevent the sun from reaching your living room. With professional window cleaning, you may actually get more light and warmth coming in through your windows, providing a much-needed break for your heating system. 
  5. Clean your home’s siding. Your siding is subject to the harsh weather of winter as much as any other part of your house. 

Mobile Magic Pressure washing is a full-service pressure washing company in Asheville and western North Carolina. We have seen and survived many Asheville winters and we know what it takes to help protect your home exterior from the elements. Contact the team here at Mobile Magic for more information about our pressure washing services.